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11/5/2013: AHR Expo 2014
6/4/2013: WEFTEC Show October 2013
4/9/2013: Global Petroleum Show 2014
7/2/2009: View the Demo!
6/4/2007: Membrane Applications
5/21/2007: New Designs for Membrane Pretreatment
Providing Quality
•  Self-Cleaning Filter
•  Automatic Water Filter
•  Strainer
For Use As
•  Industrial Water Filter
•  Irrigation Water Filter
•  Cooling Tower Filter
•  HVAC Filter
Water Filtration Solutions
Orival, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of self-cleaning water filters, automatic water filters and strainers, for use as industrial water filters, irrigation filters, cooling tower filters and more.
Single units, flange-to-flange systems, complete skid mounted packages, construction standards, alternate flange or voltage standards - all are no problem for Orival. No matter what your requirements, we can build it!
Water Filtration Experience
Since its establishment in 1986, Orival has supplied thousands of self-cleaning water filters, automatic water filters and strainers, for a wide variety of customers, including Fortune 500 companies and local and federal government agencies.
Water Filtration Commitment
Orival enters all projects with the same sense of commitment regardless of size, application or location. From single filters to complete multi-stage filtration systems, we will ensure you get the right filter to fit your needs. We supply both industrial water filters and irrigation water filters.
Water Filtration Applications
Traveling Screen Nozzle Protection, Air Compressor Protection, I.E. & R.O. Prefiltration, Filter Backwash Reclaim, Process Cooling Water, Deep Well Injection, Sludge Reclaim, Make-Up Water, Waste Water, H.V.A.C., Pasteurizers, Potable Water, Cooling Towers, Reclaimed Waste Water, Gland Seal Protection, Spray Nozzle Protection, Fire Sprinkler Protection, Turf & Agricultural Irrigation, Golf Course Water Filter, Mine Water Filters, Greenhouse Water Filters.
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