City water, regardless of the municipality in question, inevitably contains some solids, infrequent as they may be. In addition to the occasional sand particle, the water can also contain pipe scale and rust flakes which breaks off the mains after the treatment plant. In addition, as pipes age and water mains are repaired or replaced, additional particles can be introduced into the system.

These particulates will eventually find their way into equipment and could wreak havoc. Orival offers the solution for stopping particulates at the entrance to your system. The filters are automatically self-cleaning and remain on-line even during the cleaning process, ensuring a clean, uninterrupted flow to your system.

Orival filters are used to control zebra mussels and quagga mussels by stopping shells, adults, veligers, larvae and eggs from passing beyond the point of filtration. This protects piping, valves and other equipment from becoming clogged and impaired.