Some finished products require further processing once they have exited the hot rolling mill. Cold rolling is similar to hot rolling in that the material is passed through successively tighter rollers until the desired thickness is achieved. The main difference is that the material is not heated prior to treating, hence the difference in the names.

In cold rolling, the scale and iron oxide found in hot rolling are not present, however, the rollers tend to shear small pieces of steel off of the product during processing.

The heat generated during processing must be dissipated from the rollers in order to prevent equipment damage. A direct contact spray provided by the cooling tower continuously cools the rollers. In addition, the steel is also cooled by a direct spray to maintain the desired temperature.

Once rolling is complete, the final product is successively heated and cooled in order to achieve the desired mechanical properties.

Orival's line of automatic self-cleaning water filtration systems will help keep the cooling water free of harmful debris. The filters clean themselves, requiring no operator supervision or intervention, reducing maintenance costs and increasing production.