Self Cleaning Filters Eliminate Particles

OMC Spruce Pine, Spruce Pine, N.C., is a “lost foam” casting facility for the manufacture of marine engine parts. A styrofoam mold is created in the shape of the desired part and then surrounded with sand. When molten aluminum is poured onto the mold, the metal takes the shape of the part and the foam is burned off.
Aug 1996, Pollution Engineering, Cahners Publishing Company

Filtering Metallics at Midland

Producing steel that's consistently clean inside and out—free of inclusions and surface blemishes, that is—from heat to heat is a daunting task. J&L Specialty Products' mill at Midland, Pa., is ensuring high quality and cutting downtime by an improvement of the cooling-water system serving its continuous slab caster.
Mar 1994, George W. Hess, National Editor, Newsteel, Chilton Publications

Water Filter Prevents Clogged Sprinkler Heads

As with most golf courses, Atlantis Country Club in Tuckerton, N.J. was plagued with water quality problems. Providing irrigation water for the sprinkler system were two sources, a pond and a canal.
Jun 2002, Barry Cox, Superintendent, Atlantis C.C.

Automatic Self Cleaning Water Filter Makes Manual Filters Obsolete

TOYODA TRW is a major supplier of power steering pumps for the automotive market. We have only two downtime periods per year, so facility equipment has to run for six months with no interruption.
Oct 1997, Patrick Turner, Facilities Engineer, TOYODA TRW Automotive, Inc., Processing Magazine, Putnam Publication

Self Cleaning Water Filters Keep Spray Nozzles Clear

CitiSteel USA, located fifteen miles south of Philadelphia in Claymont Delaware, is a discrete producer of low alloy high strength steel plate. Citisteel is celebrating it's tenth year of operation at the facility located on the banks of the Delaware River. Makeup water from the river is utilized for the fifty million gallon closed loop process water system.
Sep 1999, Frank Hancock, Manager of Engineering, CitiSteel

Automatic Water Filter Keeps Drippers Dripping

The Blasi Family has been supplying grapes for the production of Chadeneur and Zenfidale wines since the mid 1950s from their farm in Santa Rosa, Ca. Second generation cultivators Bob and Gary run the 109-acre farm, of which 75 acres are grapes. The farm has a well that dispenses the 200 gpm used for the irrigation system. The Blasis converted the system from sprinkler to drip, a change that required much cleaner water.

Filtration System Expenditure Results in Payback Measured in Days

This manufacturer of household light bulbs experienced a real savings of $120,000 per year on a capital investment of $11,000 resulting in full payback in just 33 days.
Apr 2007

Bodacious Solution At Bodega Harbour

Irrigation at The Links at Bodega Harbour had a major problem. Their solution provided more than expected.

Filter offers reliable cooling water for pump seals with fast payback

As a “Green Power Certified” producer of electricity, St. Catharines Hydro Generation is proud of its two generation stations: the Port Weller Digester Gas Cogeneration Facility, and the Heywood Generating Station located at the entranceway to the Port Dalhousie Harbour.
May 2007, Brent Baiden, President Avoca-Tec Environmental Services; Dr. Marcus N. Allhands, PE, VP Business Development Orival, Inc., Environmental Science & Engineering

Process Cooling of Engine/Generator Sets with Reuse Water

One of several municipal waste water treatment plants (WWTP) in St. Louis is located along the banks of one of the largest tributaries to the Mississippi River. This 100 MGD (million gallons per day) facility has a large demand for service water with low suspended solids.
Jul 2008, Dr. Marcus N. Allhands, PE, VP Business Development Orival, Inc.

On-Site Wastewater Reuse

Located along the banks of one of the largest tributaries to the Mississippi River, this 100 MGD (million gallons per day) wastewater treatment plant has a large demand for service water with low suspended solids. Nearly 3 MGD of water are needed for cleaning devices on the bar screens, spray water to keep the belt presses clean and porous, pump seal water, service water at hose bibs and equipment wash stations and water to cool several large engine/generator sets that run off of methane gas produced from sludge digestion.
Aug 2009, Dr. Marcus N. Allhands, PE, VP Business Development Orival, Inc.

A Treatise on Turbidity and TSS

When two distinct physical parameters are used interchangeably, an intimate understanding of both is in order to know when this is justifiable. Two such parameters are turbidity and total suspended solids. In many industries today the concentration of total suspended solids is of utmost importance to quality control and process optimization. However, the measurement most often employed is turbidity.
Dec 2008, Dr. Marcus N. Allhands, PE, VP Business Development Orival, Inc.

Twenty Years of Cooling Water Treatment Experience in Manhattan

The air quality in The Big Apple can result in some pretty substantial problems with rooftop cooling towers for commercial HVAC systems. Twenty years ago the owners of a large uptown commercial building on Madison Avenue, NYC decided to include an automatic self-cleaning screen filter in their new HVAC system to ward off likely problems with water quality. Today, the big roof-mounted 900 ton cooling tower continues to acts as a large community air cleaner.
Apr 2010, Carmine Puglisi; Dr. Marcus N. Allhands, PE, VP Business Development Orival, Inc.

Amazing Clarity for Agricultural Water

Northern Sunrise County is a picturesque Municipal District in Northern Alberta offering over 21,500 square kilometers (8300 square miles) of adventure and exploration in a pristine landscape. Located 485 kilometers (300 miles) north of Edmonton, Northern Sunrise County is a short drive south of Peace River. Farmer’s markets, museums, hunting, fishing, golfing, camping, early Native American re-enactments, the Harmon Valley Rodeo, many parks and a winter carnival make this a year-round vacation spot.
Mar 2013, Brent Baiden, Orival Canadian Representative; Dr. Marcus N. Allhands, PE, VP Business Development Orival, Inc.

Four Seasons but Always Green

It is estimated that 30-36 million Americans play golf. That’s nearly half of all golfers in the world. And many of those golfers play at TPC Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas located in Irving, Texas. See Figure 1 for one of the many fantastic views of the area. The resort covers 400 acres of rolling North Texas hills located just minutes from downtown Dallas. Four Seasons not only sports a challenging par 70 18-hole course designed by Jay Morrish but is also home to the Byron Nelson Golf School. And who hasn’t heard of the Byron Nelson Championship, a PGA Tour event that is held annually at Four Seasons.
Nov 2006, Dr. Marcus N. Allhands, PE, VP Business Development Orival, Inc.

Full-Stream Cooling Tower Filtration

Water chemistry is routinely addressed in cooling systems. Scale formation, corrosion and biological growth are just some of the activities that can be abated by proper use of chemical additives. Foreign matter in the form of suspended solids though, is too often overlooked in the design stage. Control of this physical problem is generally addressed sometime after operation has begun when heat transfer problems arise.
Mar 2013, Dr. Marcus N. Allhands, PE, VP Business Development Orival, Inc.

If it Glitters it May Be Gold

What do gold and automatic self-cleaning screen filters have to do with one another? The tale below tells of this unusual yet necessary relationship.
Apr 2007, Dr. Marcus N. Allhands, PE, VP Business Development Orival, Inc.

Lush Landscape in the Desert, A Testimonial

Larry lives in a semi-desert region of Idaho where summer daytime temperatures often exceed 100°F and rainfall amounts to a scant 10 inches per year. The meager natural vegetation consists of cacti and small patches of pale grasses and scrub. Much of the land is rocky and barren. Having colorful landscape around his retirement home is not easy. Let’s let Larry tell his own story:
Mar 2013, Larry Lathrop, White Bird, ID

Manufacturing Facility Chooses Automatic Self Cleaning Filter for Efficient and Effective Chiller Protection

Cooling towers dissipate both ambient and process heat in most large manufacturing facilities. These structures facilitate the transfer of unwanted energy (heat) from a transport liquid (usually water) to the atmosphere. Problems with efficient heat transfer, equipment protection and pathological risks to employees can most often be traced back to an issue with suspended solids. These solids can originate in the process, in the piping, from the atmosphere or from internal biological growth.
Mar 2013, Dr. Marcus N. Allhands, PE, VP Business Development Orival, Inc.

Protecting Artifacts at The Jewish Museum

Thousands upon thousands of people visit 1109 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan each year. This is the location of The Jewish Museum, one of the largest of its kind in the world. For over 100 years this museum has displayed past and present Jewish culture, both secular and religious, to the world. Special care must be taken in protecting over 26,000 paintings, sculptures, works on paper, photographs, ethnographic material, archaeological artifacts, numismatics, ceremonial objects and broadcast media materials. This care begins with proper environmental conditions that rely on a dependable HVAC system.
Feb 2012, Dr. Marcus N. Allhands, PE, VP Business Development Orival, Inc.

Schematic at Steel Mills

The schematics illustrate the four basic application types for steel mills: continuous casting, blast furnace, hot rolling, and cold rolling.
Aug 2012, Dr. Marcus N. Allhands, PE, VP Business Development Orival, Inc.

Self-Cleaning Filters Enable Campground to Eliminate Chlorination in Drinking Water

Stanley Park Campground is a popular Manitoulin Island summer getaway and retreat. The park has 230 fully serviced sites as well as 3 community bathroom and shower areas. The park can see upwards of 1000 people a day in the hot summer months, from daily campers to long term retiree summer residents.
Feb 2023, Carl Tolsma, Owner, Stanley Park Campground

Prominent Real Estate Manager Solves Cooling Tower Issues with Full Flow Self-Cleaning Water Filter

Currently managing several thousand residential apartments in Montreal, Canada and nearly 4,000,000 square feet (400,000 square meters) of offices, shops and industrial space, the real estate management company of Le Groupe Alfid is always looking for solid solutions to maintenance issues. One of their fourteen-story office buildings in downtown Montreal had an HVAC problem that had plagued management for years. Sand and debris from the cooling tower clogged the small basket strainers located on each of the 22 water condensing AC units throughout the building. A single 2-inch bag filter was installed as a side-stream system filtering only a part of the flow in an attempt to prevent this clogging of the condensing units For several years, even with the side-stream bag filtration system in place (and with bags costing $450/month), the building operations technician would spend one full day every week cleaning the debris from these 22 strainers.
Apr 2023

Snails Wreak Havoc on a Community's Landscape Irrigation

Southwest Florida has some of the worst surface water quality in the United States for irrigation. Not only does this market have to contend with suspended solids consisting of algae, sand, and detritus, but also living organisms such as adult snails (Fig. 1) and larvae.
Mar 2024