Scrubbers are used to remove airborne contaminants prior to discharging a waste air stream. The scrubber uses a series of spray nozzles to direct water droplets over and through the waste stream. The contaminants are captured by the water droplets and are carried down to the bottom of the scrubber for discharge.

The contaminant being removed is one source of particulates which may be harmful to the system. Since the particulates are airborne, they tend not to settle out in the bottom of the scrubber. As a result, the recirculating pump picks up a portion of the particulate along with the water, delivering it to the nozzles.

In addition, the scrubber must have a makeup source of water to replace that lost due to drift and/or evaporation. This makeup water may also be solids laden, depending on the source. This also acts as a source for particulates which may be detrimental to the system.

Orival automatic self cleaning filters can protect the spray nozzles in the scrubber from plugging by removing the majority of the solids as they recirculate through the system. Best of all, the system is virtually maintenance free, making it an ideal solution for protection of scrubber systems.