Designed for installation on the pump suction line, the ORS series strainer provides protection for pumps and other equipment by removing large particles before they enter the system. Cleans itself continuously to ensure debris free water to the system. Available with 1200 or 2500 micron screen. Units can be installed in parallel to handle any flow rate.

ORS Series Models

NameMicronInlet/OutletMax Flow RateDimensions
ORS-0425004 in440 gal/min
ORS-0625006 in1,000 gal/min
ORS-0825008 in1,700 gal/min
ORS-10250010 in2,400 gal/min
ORS-12250012 in3,300 gal/min
ORS-14250014 in4,400 gal/min
ORS-16250016 in5,300 gal/min