Center pivots utilize moving segments that rotate around a fixed pivot point. The segments are equipped with emitters (impact, spray or rotary type nozzles) that are designed to deliver water at a predetermined rate to the area to be irrigated.

The water is usually taken from a local ground water source or well but can also be pumped from a surface water source. Regardless of source, it will inevitably contain suspended solids which will find their way into the system. If the solids are not removed prior to entering the segments, they can spell disaster for the system. The solids may clog or erode the sprinklers, resulting in uneven or irregular spray patterns. Since the system is designed to apply water at a certain rate to achieve maximum efficiency and uniformity in crop growth, affecting the spray patterns will affect crop growth, and thus, profits.

Orival filters offer system protection. Our automatic self-cleaning filters remove harmful suspended solids protecting the sprinkler nozzles from damage or clogging. The ability to operate without external power means the system can be used in remote locations.