Figure 1. Filter Installation

Figure 2. Orival Filter Made Blooms in the Desert Possible

Larry lives in a semi-desert region of Idaho where summer daytime temperatures often exceed 100°F and rainfall amounts to a scant 10 inches per year. The meager natural vegetation consists of cacti and small patches of pale grasses and scrub. Much of the land is rocky and barren. Having colorful landscape around his retirement home is not easy. Let’s let Larry tell his own story:

“Our irrigation water comes from a stream uphill from the subdivision and is gravity flow. The water is, at times, extremely muddy and has come out of our frost free hydrants as thick as good hot chocolate and as black as espresso. I started researching filters two years ago when I had to use high pressure compressed air and water to back flush my 1¼ inch supply lines that had become completely blocked due to mud accumulation. This was very time consuming and frustrating as I had to do it several times a year. Additionally we were using a drip system to irrigate all our landscaping and the small drip system filters would become completely blocked in as little as 5 minutes, resulting in dead plants and under-watered landscaping. Our drip system uses regular drippers (one gph) [on a] drip line with emitters every 6 or 12 inches, and drip sprayers that water various parts of a circle from 1/4th to full circle. We were constantly replacing and cleaning these components of the mud. We could not leave the house during the growing season as the system required constant care and attention.

Larry contacted Orival to see what was available to solve his irrigation problem. After receiving a recommendation from an Orival engineer, Larry soon purchased an ORIVAL Model ORG-015-LE Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter with 80 micron screen and installed the filter himself.

Larry continues; “The overflow [rinse water from the automatic self-cleaning cycle] from the Orival Filter is used to irrigate an Aspen and a River Birch seen in the background behind the filter system (see picture 1). Since installing the Orival filter all of [my] problems have literally gone away overnight (see picture 2). The water has been so dirty at times that the Orival filter was almost continuously cycling but it maintained a good flow and everything was watered adequately at the least. We have been able to resume our retired lifestyle, and travel without worry, returning home to find everything alive and well watered.“.

“Since installing the Orival filter all of my problems have literally gone away overnight.”

Orival is proud to be able to help both large and small irrigation users. When Orival thinks “green” we not only mean the color of the grass but the spirit of the system.