Sprinklers are used in a wide variety of applications, usually for irrigation purposes, such as golf courses, farms, etc. Although most sprinklers incorporate an integral screen to help prevent the head from clogging, the best solution is to stop the particulate from reaching the sprinklers.

Water for irrigation can be obtained from a multitude of sources, including rivers, lakes, canals, streams, etc. This water inevitably contains suspended solids, including silt, sand, leaves and more.

Once these particles reach the sprinkler, they may clog the screen or the head itself. A clogged head can result in insufficient or inadequate irrigation. In addition, the head may not retract once the system is shut down, which can spell disaster. In either case, the sprinkler head must be serviced.

Orival can prevent these costly and tedious maintenance problems by removing the particulates before they find their way to the sprinklers. Adequate flow and pressure is maintained to the sprinkler heads, resulting in green, healthy vegetation. Since the units are automatic self-cleaning, maintenance costs are kept to a minimum. Best of all, since no electrical power is required, the units can be installed in remote locations.