Today water conservation is paramount. Therefore, it is desirable to reclaim as much water as possible and reuse it in an efficient manner.

Water Reuse for Irrigation

Storm water and irrigation runoff can be retained in ponds and reservoirs and applied back to the land through the irrigation system. Orival automatic self-cleaning filters remove suspended solids that could clog the irrigation system.

Wash water on farms can be filtered to allow for its reuse.

Vegetable rinse water can also be reused with the help of Orival filters to remove soil, residual pesticides, organic material or any other suspended solids.

Water Reuse for Industry

Wastewater treatment plants can recycle their effluent for process water to utilize for cooling, chemical feed carrier water, wash water and maintenance water.

Cooling water for industrial processes (like water cooled molds or those used in the steel industry) can be reused once debris from the process is properly filtered out.

Many industrial applications use a cooling tower to cool the recycled process water, in which case an Orival filter is used to clean the reused water of airborne particulates introduced to the system by the cooling tower.

The automotive industry can utilize Orival's filters for reuse water in their leak testing process as well as in recycling pit water in car washes.