Molds are often used to constrain a molten liquid to a particular shape during the cooling and solidification process.

Some molds may be equipped with a cooling water jacket. The jacket has a continuous flow of water flowing through it to withdraw the excess heat from the mold and reject it to a suitable location, such as a cooling tower. In some cases, such as where structural integrity is a consideration, the rate at which the mold cools is critical to developing the properties of the final product. If the flow of cooling water is uneven or interrupted, the mold may not cool properly, resulting in a defective final product.

Orivals automatic self cleaning filters are an excellent solution for protection of water cooled molds. No matter what the cooling water source, intake water, cooling tower, or other, Orival has the right model to fit your needs. Since the unit cleans itself and stays on-line, even while cleaning, you are assured an uninterrupted flow of clean water to the mold.