Heat exchangers are used in virtually every industry in some way, shape or form. Heat exchangers take one of two basic forms plate and frame type or shell and tube type.

The plate and frame unit utilizes alternating configurations of corrugated plates compressed between pressure plates. The fluids flow between the alternating plates, one fluid on either side of a particular plate. The gap between plates is relatively small, increasing the possibility of the exchanger becoming plugged or fouled.

The shell and tube type unit has one or more rows of tubes contained within an outer shell. One fluid flows through the tubes while the other flows around the tubes within the shell. The tubes are susceptible to fouling due to suspended solids. In addition, low flow areas tend to allow particulates to settle out of suspension. Over time, these particles build up, eventually clogging the tubes or shell.

Orival can provide the solution to protect your heat exchanger from suspended particles. Clogging and fouling lead to increased maintenance costs, increased down-time and decreased heat exchanger efficiency. Whether process fluid, cooling tower water, chilled water, or more, our network of application specialists will ensure you get the right filter with the right screen to protect your valuable equipment.