Automatic, self-cleaning, line pressure powered water filter. Units can be installed in parallel to handle larger flow rates. Fine screens available down to 5 microns in a variety of constructions, including standard stainless steel mesh, multi-layer sintered stainless steel and wedgewire. High efficiency rinse cycle consumes a fraction of the water of standard filters.

ORG Series Models

ModelOpen Screen AreaDrawings
NameInlet/OutletMax Flow RateSinteredWovenDimensionsInstallation Layout
ORG/B-015-LE1.5 in65 gal/min96 in²64 in²/static/drawings/2025-1.pdf pdf
ORG/B-020-LE2 in110 gal/min96 in²64 in²/static/drawings/2025-1.pdf pdf
ORG/B-030-LE3 in175 gal/min180 in²120 in²/static/drawings/2026-1.pdf pdf
ORG/B-040-LS4 in350 gal/min180 in²120 in²/static/drawings/2026-1.pdf pdf
ORG-040-LE4 in350 gal/min700 in²466 in²/static/drawings/2027-1.pdf pdf
ORG-060-LS6 in660 gal/min700 in²466 in²/static/drawings/2027-1.pdf pdf
ORG-060-LE6 in660 gal/min972 in²648 in²/static/drawings/2027-1.pdf pdf
ORG-080-LS8 in1,320 gal/min972 in²648 in²/static/drawings/2027-1.pdf pdf
ORG-100-LS10 in1,760 gal/min/static/drawings/2027-1.pdf pdf