Automatic, self-cleaning, line pressure powered water filter. Units can be installed in parallel to handle larger flow rates. Fine screens available down to 5 microns in a variety of constructions, including standard stainless-steel mesh, multi-layer sintered stainless steel, and wedge-wire.

ORZ Series Models

NameInlet/OutletMax Flow RateDimensionsInstallation Layout
ORZ-02-PS50 mm25 m³/h
ORZ-03-PS75 mm40 m³/h
ORZ-03-PE75 mm57 m³/h
ORZ-04-PM100 mm79 m³/h
ORZ-04-PS100 mm79 m³/h
ORZ-04-PE100 mm79 m³/h
ORZ-06-PS150 mm150 m³/h
ORZ-06-PE150 mm164 m³/h
ORZ-06-PX150 mm182 m³/h
ORZ-08-PM200 mm300 m³/h
ORZ-08-PS200 mm300 m³/h
ORZ-08-PE200 mm341 m³/h
ORZ-08-PX200 mm386 m³/h
ORZ-10-PS250 mm400 m³/h
ORZ-10-PE250 mm400 m³/h
ORZ-10-PX250 mm545 m³/h
ORZ-12-PS300 mm600 m³/h
ORZ-12-PE300 mm681 m³/h
ORZ-12-PX300 mm795 m³/h
ORZ-14-PS350 mm899 m³/h
ORZ-14-PE350 mm965 m³/h
ORZ-14-PX350 mm1,136 m³/h
ORZ-16-PS400 mm1,099 m³/h
ORZ-16-PE400 mm1,099 m³/h
ORZ-16-PX400 mm1,363 m³/h
ORZ-18-PS450 mm1,391 m³/h
ORZ-18-PE450 mm1,590 m³/h
ORZ-20-PE500 mm1,840 m³/h
ORZ-24-PE600 mm2,725 m³/h