Automatic, self-cleaning, motorized water filter. Units can be installed in parallel to handle larger flow rates. Fine screens available down to 5 microns in multi-layer sintered stainless steel or wedgewire.

ORE/B Models

NameInlet/OutletMax Flow RateOpen Screen AreaDimensionsInstallation Layout
ORE/B-02-PS2 in110 gal/min390 in²
ORE/B-03-PS3 in175 gal/min390 in²
ORE/B-03-PE3 in250 gal/min620 in²
ORE/B-04-PM4 in350 gal/min390 in²
ORE/B-04-PS4 in350 gal/min620 in²
ORE/B-04-PE4 in350 gal/min930 in²
ORE/B-06-PS6 in660 gal/min620 in²
ORE/B-06-PE6 in720 gal/min930 in²
ORE/B-06-PX6 in800 gal/min1,240 in²
ORE/B-08-PM8 in1,320 gal/min620 in²
ORE/B-08-PS8 in1,320 gal/min930 in²
ORE/B-08-PE8 in1,500 gal/min1,240 in²
ORE/B-08-PX8 in1,700 gal/min1,560 in²
ORE/B-10-PS10 in1,760 gal/min930 in²
ORE/B-10-PE10 in1,760 gal/min1,240 in²
ORE/B-10-PX10 in2,400 gal/min1,560 in²
ORE/B-12-PS12 in2,640 gal/min1,240 in²
ORE/B-12-PE12 in3,000 gal/min1,560 in²
ORE/B-12-PX12 in3,500 gal/min2,500 in²
ORE/B-14-PS14 in3,960 gal/min1,240 in²
ORE/B-14-PE14 in4,250 gal/min1,560 in²
ORE/B-14-PX14 in5,000 gal/min2,500 in²
ORE/B-16-PS16 in4,840 gal/min1,240 in²
ORE/B-16-PE16 in4,840 gal/min1,560 in²
ORE/B-16-PX16 in6,000 gal/min2,500 in²
ORE/B-18-PS18 in6,125 gal/min1,560 in²
ORE/B-18-PE18 in7,000 gal/min2,500 in²
ORE/B-20-PE20 in8,100 gal/min2,500 in²
ORE/B-24-PE24 in12,000 gal/min2,500 in²